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Year 2050... In the deep space... Your spaceship "Nautilus
Destructor" found an asteroids field... be careful...

Your mission, clear each level. You find 4 asteroids type:

1. Normal Asteroids. (Blue asteroids)
2. Supernova... (Yellow asteroids), they explodes.
3. Black Holes... (Dark gray asteroids), positive gravity.
4. White Holes... (Cyan asteroids), negative gravity.

Destroy all the asteroids.
Caution with gravity force.

Use spaceship controls rotate left,rotate right,
ignition, and rockets to survive.

Good luck.


Rotate Spaceship to left.

Rotate Spaceship to right.

Acelerate the Spaceship.

Rocket Launch.

The game area is larger than screen area, the spaceship move with scroll parallax into the game area. Your spaceship have a radar to locate asteroids (top-right corner). Asteroids appear in the radar like yellows dots, and your spaceship like a green dot. Use the radar to identify menaces.

When you die or start the game make a touch with two fingers to continue or start. If you touch with one finger then you position the spaceship and if you touch SOUND word, you enable/disable game sound.



I apologize for videos and sounds quality (I've recorded with a canon ixus), the real game is better than this recorded videos, and I apologize for my English, sorry again.

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